Meme API

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There are two methods of authentication. You can pass your api as a query param or as the API-KEY in the headers of the request.

Preferred Method


Alternative Method{request}?api-key={YourApiKey}

Generate Meme

This endpoint generates a meme and returns back url to access the image. Text will be centered across the top and bottom.
If the image is not square, the image will be cropped.

This request requires all params be sent as multipart form data.

Parameter Description
topText The top text on the generated meme.
bottomText The bottom text on the generated meme.
image Image file for the meme
imageUrl URL for file for the meme

Must provide either image or imageUrl.

Example Payload

"bottomText":"I'm using the API!",

Example Response

"url": ""

Get Your Recent Memes

This endpoint returns your recently generated memes.

Parameter Default Description
limit 20 Pass any number between 1-100.

Example Request